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  • Final score tally: Lindsay Lohan: 478 999 999 World Citizen who follows law: minus 78 trillion. Don’t you wish you could make it as a celebrity miscreant too? Of course you do…
  • Frankly one has to wonder if Mr Shields was really adroit about exploring domestic violence why he didn’t go the full tilt and add the cuts and bruises and tears and the torn dress. But then again there’s only so much Hollywood can stomach and once the fuss dies out will all go back to yawning as Mr Shield frankly pissed away an opportunity to say something definitive about violence, the plight of women and the fragility of relations and even women who look like Barbie, well especially the ones that look like Barbie.
  • At one point after losing the game, Alex was resigned to seek Pippa’s conciliation. Which might all be good and dandy cause anything that involved the camera man catching a shot of Pippa’s derriere was apt to make all present gently smile… Don’t you wish you were an overnight royal hawt bixch too?
  • One could only wonder what Amy Winehouse would think were she alive to witness the overwhelming outpouring of convivial love and ardent loss. Could one dare wonder herself admonishing herself for having taking her self exploits to the level she had? Could one imagine the bitter tears only all too late of how much this princess was so ardently loved and missed despite her persistent self loathing? But that is the irony of being and loving, and of being a celebrity who is always by virtue of their public persona held accountable to an identity that not even they can reckon with.
  • One could almost argue, the real art that this young woman had created wasn’t necessarily the music she had created, but the strange and obscene performance art piece she called her daily life. One can only wonder what type of morbid fascination the public had watching this woman again and again sink into self oblivion. But that perhaps was part of the appeal and expectation that one has of their stars. The idea that it can ultimately lead to a kind of capricious public death, or martyrdom hardly registers until we see the dead woman’s casket being hauled down the street and the world suddenly turns around and grieves violently as the final curtains of this woman’s life, performance comes to a close. A very bitter close indeed…
  • One day in the distant future when the camera man is shooting away at the travesty we know as Kimbo, he will suddenly notice the visage of a strap on cascading the inner sanctuary of our dear Kim, he will pause to wonder, when she will gently announce for another $17 she’s willing to go all the way.