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  • I give a huge amount of credit to Tom for coming out and living his life as he feels comfortable. He is an amazing HUMAN BEING no matter what gender he chooses to live his life as. Transgenders are wonderful beautiful people. Check out TransDate.com and some of you may find yourselves having a moral dilemma with how attracted you are to some of them.
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  • Sean Penn would be only so lucky to date the beautiful Scarlett, and im afraid he is not that lucky. I mean look at her she looks the same as she did 5 years ago and not many women can say that. She must be using the secret cream that is sweeping through Hollywood http://celebwrinkleremover.com
  • it looks like these two might make it together after all. I guess he is finally ready to settle down. It helps that Cameron is looking great I know she is using the secret cream that celebs swear by these days and apparently its working http://celebwrinkleremover.com