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  • HL is at it again with baseless rumors. I heard a rumor on a MSG board awhile back that Demz and Logan were under the mistletoe during xmas. If they are dating, Logan is still a far better choice than Wilmer. Just like Joe Jonas these two go back to Acting class that was run by Logan's mother, I also fear that in the end, her issues such as ED's and cutting will be a challenge for her. That is why do not see her really settling down with a man until she is 25. Even someone Logan's age does not have the experience to deal with someone who is Bipolar etc. Also if you read her interviews she wants a man on her beck and call, He might leave if his career really takes off and she wants to crack the pussy whip on him, while He wants to be a free wheeling rock star.
  • I expect Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber to get invites next.
  • Wait a minute isn't this the same Justin Beiber who is dating Selena Gomez, Since this happened last week I take that the recent fill her house with flowers was, his apology for him acting like the sleeze player. This is not going to end well, only thing worse is the rumored Demi Lovato /Fez relationship. Or what I call a relationshit.