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  • @perplexed - most probably not. I get that they want to date but it's one thing to have a one night stand, it's another thing to get knocked up from it. I would think with all the money they have, they'd at least get all the protection they need.
  • I like her simplicity. None of her dresses are the flashy, showy kind & she always pulls it off.
  • Ya, the dress would have been nicer on someone with a bit more flesh. GP is just too skinny for this - she looks like, yes, a senior going to the prom.
  • The problem with people like Gisele is that they so successful and are so √°dored' that they start thinking they know everything. Just like Gwyneth Paltrow. A life of privilege and glamour doesn't equal a life of intelligence - they ought to know the difference.