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  • People Should Juss Leave Her Alone...She's In A Point In Her Life Of Not Carinq..The Real Reason She Ended Her Show Was Because Her Dad(Robbie Ray Stewart) Told Her That It Was Time To End It..After Goinq In "Hannah Montana" For 5 Seasons Was Deffinitely Enouqh.. Now That She's Off Air Now, She Doesnt Care About Her Body Or Life, Her Dad Is Givinq Up On Her..Shes Becominq Irresponsible And Unreliable. Thats Why He Lets Her Do What She Wants To Do, With No Questions Asked.
  • Omq There The New Hottest Younq Couple!!♥ Justin Better Treat Her Riqht Or She'll Dump His Ass..Then Who Will He Go After??(Demi Lovato??)(Miley Cyrus??) No One Knoes.. :)
  • Omq Wow Buhh We All Knew Somethinq Will Happen Between Them Since Justin Sunq To Selena On Staqe..