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  • COuld the man be anymore adorable?.... or delicious?
  • It's getting hot in herrre.... so take off all your clothes..... Pretty much, that should be his theme song. They should have picked a better picture of him! I mean, damn, this is mighty fine, but there are other ones that just turn your bones into mush! GAHHHH!
  • *cough* wannabe Ricky Martin album cover *cough*
  • [quote=Jade Sophie Chadwick]Midnight Sun? thats not exactly new news ?[/quote] It's about Bree, the vampire the Cullens try to save in Eclipse but the Volturi kill her instead. I think it sounds pretty interesting but as long as she is thinking about vampires, why not release Midnight Sun too?
  • [quote=Anonymous]seeing how Obama is basically screwing up this Country even more, i'd say Rob[/quote] I SECOND THIS MOTION
  • dammmmmmmit. i had the biggest crush on Shawn and Eric... i want a reunion show!!!!
  • i miss this show soooooo much!
  • as tough as this is for a vampire girl to admit, i have a soft spot for Seth. That's S-E-T-H *space* C-L-E-A-R-W-A-T-E-R. Why is he my favorite? Well, besides the obvious--he isn't JacobfreakingBlack-- I feel like i personally can relate to him in a weird round-a-bout sort of way. I mean, Seth is a short fella. He and i both are the shrimpos who have to deal with the tormenting. Yeah, he's a werewolf who grows freakishly large, BUT he's the baby so he's the smallest. I also love how he has a great competitive drive. Even though he may not be the biggest wolf of them all, he is the fiercest. One of my favorite wolfie moments is when he rips a bad vampire apart and then he's walking around all smug. So yeah. Seth is just a cutie and he's the youngest. And plus his attitude is great. He's the best because he can rise above anything that is bringing everyone else down and make a positive out of pretty much any negative. I guess that comes naturally to anyone who doesn't want to turn out like their bi*ch-tastic sister Leah.... hmm... Lets just put it this way: if you're not Team Seth, you are a fool. period.
  • god seriously put the dog down. it looks like it just wants to be on the ground walking on it's own. "Mate" or whatever it's name is, is big enough to walk around on his own. i'm feeling his pain poor thing. put him down and let him do his thang