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  • I see nothing at all sexy about Adam Levine - I don't get why he was even included here. He is no competition for Adam Lambert, hands down the sexiest man alive. Lambert is also beautiful on the inside, kind, generous, humble - all those good qualities Levine is without. No one disputes that Lambert has the far better voice too - Levine's is just weak and pitiful. Levine's personality is also not attractive - on The Voice, he is totally full of himself and it's not fun to watch his battles with the other judges/mentors. Adam Lambert is the Total Package and especially THE SEXIEST, with or without makeup, it doesn't matter.
  • OMG, in what dark world ? there is nothing sexy about Levine. He thinks sexy consists of taking off his shirt to show his not very attractive chest and torso. He is totally unaware that sexy comes from within. He is not even in the same league with Lambert who is the sexiest man aiive! Beautiful and sexy both inside and out. Lambert's voice is also far superior to Levine's. Lambert also has sexy moves onstage, while Levine tries but does not succeed. Lambert is breathtaking while I wouldn't give a second glance to Levine if he were walking past me. Ugh