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  • How dare you guys compare Kylie to that Rag Doll....she looks Gorgeous in That family photo you should commend her on that outfit!!!.....compared to the Bull that every other celeb is wearing.
  • We miss that caring outgoing yet humble young country star that everyone loved and respected for keeping her advise is for you to show why so many people loved you in the first place but it doesn't mean that you cant grow and become more than what you started as it just takes time don't rush greatness.
  • Your an absolute flow of energy i can hear your heart in your voice and your alternative beauty astonishes the Adrian The Divine (dec.09.2010) Delete
  • your the most beautiful creature ive ever heard...we have to make a song togeather...i think you'd enjoy my music.
  • you look so great dont change anthing your glowing...from your biggest fan AdrianTheDivine (dec.09.2010)
  • congrats Kanye this is AdrianTheDivine cant wait to meet you and ill be there with you soon