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  • was he in london or la? can they at least make it consistent!
  • This was amazing! I am not sure anyone else could have expressed their 'Twilight' obsession so beautifully. You will go far!
  • First, I think the guy that wrote for his wife should get the DVD, she deserves it more than I do, however, since I already started my comment... I am the biggest Twilight fan because I had to hide Twilight under my desk at work so I could finish the last 50 pages (I couldn't wait!), and even though I got teased, I happily carried all the books with me on the train to work until I finished them all, which only took about a week or so, much to my husbands annoyance – he was not able to have a complete conversation with me all week. I even stayed up all night to read "Midnight Sun" on Stephenie Meyer's website, which I have pretty much inhaled page by page. I also waited among the throngs of screaming teenage girls on opening night to see the flick, and if that is not dedication, I do not know what is... Despite all my efforts, I cannot seem to get my Twilight fix, it's become an addiction - you can ask any of my thoroughly irritated friends!