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  • [quote=sunshyne2]I think it would be great for any sort of a twilight spinoff! I would like to see more stories about all the Twilight characters, not just Bella and Edward. As long as they stay as close as possible to Stephenie Meyer's story line, it would be awesome! I love Alice's character, so I would love to see more about her, but Emmett is a great character too![/quote] Yeah a spin of on any of it ll be awesome
  • [quote=barblicious]thats one of the reasons i love twilight is goes against the stereotype that vampires have sex & kill.. theses books/movies where mainly targeted for teens & isnt good to teach them about abstinence..[/quote] very true
  • He s way into character. Lautner is 18 dude and he is less muscular.
  • [quote=Jen]Vampire Diaries books were published way before Twi-Crap were made! It just so happened that they showed Twi-Crap first on the big-screen before vampire diaries was made into a tv series..Heck i dont effing care about Twi-Crap! The vampires from VD and True Blood are way hotter and they are REAL vampires!! They dont sparkle and all that sh*t from twi-crap. Believe me, i've read all twilight books and they way meyer presented the vampire was a complete joke! No wonder Ann Rice and Stephen King dissed her writing...[/quote] The book was diff. and they only made it because twilight became a hit
  • [quote=o]That is Anne Rice, she is called the queen of Vampire novels, trust me if anyone knows anything about Vampires and how to write them to trully capture the audience it's Anne, it's also thanks to her that you have your beloved Twilight, it was the success of Anne Rices books and the movies that was made of them that gave publishers and the movie business the curage to make more books and movies about Vampires. Every true vampire novel author says that Anne is the queen and no one will ever be able to write Vampires like she does. And also Stephenie Meyer has taken a lot of stuff from Anne Rice's books (and ruined it like she does with everything else), I can also say that I've come across several former Twilight fans who first loved Twilight but then read one of Anne Rice's books and realised that they are crap.[/quote] blabber on hater my ears cant hear it
  • potter heads are just jealous that twilight took their spotlight
  • [quote=Joe Jonas Supporter]Man, this is getting more and more intense.[/quote] yeah it is
  • demi is overactin way too much. Sure, a guy breaks up wth u and then u go to rehab?????