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  • BY THE WAY ! !!!!! seems like everybody forgot what GREAT and AMAZING job Miley did while mentoring on American Idol, yep she was the show's youngest mentor ever ! so if you want an idea of how smart she is, and how amazing this would be, just youtube "Miley Cyrus mentor American Idol"
  • I so agree, as much as I'd love to see MileyOnTheXFactor, I know she won't agree to do it, cuz well, she has a career, that's maybe why Demi would do it, cuz well she sells 200k an album, so she'll probably make the biggest money of her life on the XFactor.
  • Yeah, one of the few reasons why people know who Jessie J is ---> Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA..
  • She's super talented ! but in 4 years she sold 1.2 millions, as I said in a comment earlier... Miley has a decent, well more then decent voice, a great one actually, plus an extremly magnetic presence on stage, a huge commercial success and constant media attention ! Miley sold 22 Millions dollars, had 3 SOLD OUT tours, a 3D movie BACK in 2008 way bfr Michael Jackson or Bieber or anybody that made 70 MILLION dollars ! and 4 No1 Movies at the box office, plus, obviously Hannah Montana... that sort of POWER and commercial success gave her fans like me who would follow her to death !
  • Instead acting like a 5yo, go watch Miley's LIVE performance of Can't Be Tamed that she actually performed in front of mister SIMON COWELL himself, and guess who stood up at the end up, the entire jury of Britain's got talent, and the entire audience ! why ? cuz she was singing LIVE with a massive choreography in 7inch long heels ! here's the link, watch it, and shut up for ever ! Couldn't put the link here ! go on YouTube and search for "Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed Britain's Got Talent"
  • Demi Lovato ? are you serious, have you ever heard of the X FACTOR before ? it's not just ANY singing competition, it's a show who builts PERFORMERS, with dancers, and pyro and lights... performers that will SELL ! Demi would be perfect for something boring like The Voice, but for the X Factor, Miley and Britney are PERFECT ! just take a look at Demi's sales (knowing that Miley sold 22 MILLIONS ALBUMS with an average .350 000 copies in first weeks) ! here are Demi's sales : 2008 : Don't Forget -> 500 000 copies 2009 : Here We Go Again -> 450 000 copies 2011 : Unbroken -> 250 000 That's 1.2 Millions copies, Miley basically sells in a week, what Demi sells in a year, same thing for the ratings, Hannah Montana was the highest rating EVER on a Disney tv show to THIS day, and Demi's show got cancelled in season two :D