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  • I wanted to stab myself in the eye repeatedly at the beginning of this episode.

    Alex McCord

  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills two-part reunion may have concluded on Monday night, but we’re totally still talking about it at our water cooler. Care to join us?

    Awesome – we’re glad to have you! And we have a very special friend who’s dishing on all the RHOBH drama: Alex McCord, reality TV correspondent and former NY Housewife. That’s right: Alex herself is sounding off on all the topics that had us on the edge of our seats (well, couches). For one, Paul Nassif’s exit interview. Alex is glad he had a chance to say goodbye, and so are we: that stuff about wishing his parents would have pulled the plug on their marriage kind of tugged at our hearts.

    But perhaps the biggest OMG moment came from Kyle and Kim Richards. Alex calls their onscreen heart-to-heart “the most harrowing exchange” she’s ever seen on a reunion, and we agree.

    As for Mauricio Umansky, he was certainly on defense most of the night, huh? Alex thinks he fended off Brandi Glanville best – and you’ll find out why.

    And that brings us to everyone’s favorite bad girl: Miss Glanville herself. Can the bomb that Brandi dropped on Kyle somehow be healing? And what came out of her mouth – well, what didn’t? – that Alex finds truly “shocking?”

    Watch the vlog, above, to find out. Then let us know whether or not you agree with Alex in the comments section below.


  • Monday night’s Real Housewives of Orange County is all the talk – and former NYC housewife Alex McCord is joining in on the discussion and giving Celebuzz her inside take on the show’s Season 8 premiere.

    First off, Alex is handing out two “Smart Moves of the Week” awards – one to Gretchen Rossi and one to Vicki Gunvalson. She’s also explaining her theory on why Alexis Bellino’s future on the show could be in jeopardy.

    That brings us to one of our favorite moments from Monday’s show: Alexis pulling the “bully” card. But should she have? Isn’t all fair in love and war – and catfights between Real Housewives? Alex will let you know what she thinks.

    She’s also sounding off on Gretchen and Tamra Barney doing their State of the Union Shopping. And what about the delivery room footage of Vicki’s daughter Brianna having her new bundle of joy – specially filmed for reality TV? Is that, like, allowed? Alex has the inside scoop.

    Special bonus: Alex is sharing why the OC franchise has a very special significance for her. All together now: Awwwww!

    Watch Alex tackle those topics and more in this week’s vlog, above. Then tell us: do you agree or disagree with the former NYC housewife?

  • The Real Housewives fandom is still chattering about Monday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills doubleheader. And former NYC housewife Alex McCord is back with her inside take on the season finale and first installment of the reunion.

    It was a huge task, but Alex is up to the challenge. She explains Taylor Armstrong’s last-ditch effort to make herself viable for another season by bringing David Foster’s ex-wife to Lisa Vanderpump’s housewarming/vow renewal party and searching out her approval to be friends with Yolanda Foster.

    Meanwhile, Yolanda has other women keeping her busy – namely wannabe housewife Faye Resnick (who Alex calls “ridiculous”). So, why does Kyle Richards defend Faye over, say, Lisa Vanderpump? Alex has her thoughts on that.

  • In many ways, Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the one viewers were looking forward to. Not only was it Lisa Vanderpump’s vow renewal/housewarming party, but it was also the episode in which Adrienne Maloof announces her separation from husband, Paul Nassif.

    Thank the reality gods that Alex McCord is back this week to give her inside take on what went down on the episode. The former NYC Housewife examines the double standards and hypocrisy on the episode and even wonders if Adrienne is really as horrible as she came off on television.

    And, of course, Alex doesn’t ignore the face-off between Team Brandi Glanville/Yolanda Foster versus Team Marisa Zanuck/Faye Resnick.

    Watch Alex’s vlog for Episode 18 above.

    What’s your take on Adrienne? True colors or handy editing? Sound off below.

  • Alex McCord is back this week to weigh in on Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she’s not holding back.

    She discusses the Housewives’ somewhat-dull trip to Paris, where husbands were officially invited to join for the first time in the show’s history.

    McCord blames the husbands’ presence on the lack of drama and says that the women are “less prone to fighting” when their significant others are by their side.

  • Alex McCord is back this week to weigh in on Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Plus, that’s not all.

    There’s no way she can avoid giving her own take on Camille Grammer’s exit from the series and Adrienne Maloof’s firing.

    All that in due time, first she has to go over the happenings in Paris. As a frequent traveler herself, Alex definitely has her opinions on how the housewives carried themselves in France. Were they tres chic, or tres touristy?

  • There were interventions and confrontations on Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Alex McCord is back to give you a piece of her mind on the antics.

    First up, she takes a look at Kim Richards and Kyle Richards’ “quasi-intervention.” And she thinks something isn’t right about the whole ordeal. Did the women go into extensive discussions with the producers about how that chat would go down?

    That also got Alex thinking. There have been reports that Taylor isn’t returning to the show. Will the need to take time away for herself help explain the possible exit?

  • It’s becoming a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tradition: Drama at Kyle Richards’ annual White Party. And former New York housewife, Alex McCord, is back with her Celebuzz video blog to give her inside take on the antics.

    First up, Kim Richards’ nose. Wait, not really. What should have been Kim’s chance to unveil her new nose became clouded by a drunken call from Taylor Armstrong. Was that indicative of a bigger problem for Taylor?

    Of course, Adrienne Maloof’s presence has consistently been bringing some raised eyebrows. Was she annoyed Kim didn’t use her plastic surgeon husband for her nose? Did the fire reveal the couple’s first big schism? Is Adrienne’s carefully constructed image showing some cracks?

  • Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have become a very splintered group.

    On Monday’s episode, Lisa Vanderpump tried to bring the girls together and fomer NYC castmember Alex McCord is back to give Celebuzz her take on the episode.

    Before Vanderpump brought all the gals together for tea, she and former bestie Kyle Richards had a heart-to-heart. They haven’t been on the same page for quite a while and Lisa is quite sure why. She wants Kyle to back her up more and Alex explains why that’s so important.

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