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  • CC must stand for "Crazy Caucasian". If the human bloodline never mixed and changed, we'd all be of the same ethnicity since it the human line begin with one group.
  • He'll probably grow up to get more pussy than you can even dream of getting.
  • that kid looks sad.
  • what's so bad with looking like a monkey? They are closer to humans than dogs. And in Taylor Swift's childhood photos, she looks like a poodle.
  • Well, that's good. She'll get a lot of oxygen flow to her brain. Something you were obviously deprived of when you were her age.
  • wow. genius comeback. must've used 100% of your 60 pt. IQ for that one.
  • why is that so offensive? some people say kids look like puppy (e.g. 'look that puppy face') as a term of endearment. At least gorilla's are closer to humans. And what the F did gorilla's do to get such a bad reputation when used as comparison species? They are gentle, strong and fucking vegetarians!