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  • i would wear that adorableeee bracelet with a white crop top, and some denim high wasted shorts. I would pair that bracelet with a plain outfit to reallly let the bracelet pop with its beautiful colooor(: plus wearing it with my tan, would be soooo cute! hahaaa i totallly have to have this bracelets, it's TO DIE FOR<3333
  • i absolutely adore Kim Kardashian, but who doesnt?! Her make up is my faaaaavorite. That fierce smoking eye, those lonnng eyelashes and cheek bones are to die for. I love it because not everyone can pulll of a fierce smokey eye but Kim can! She's absolutely stunnning and always looks very put togethaaa(:
  • OMG! I’ve legit been following Blair and Elle Fowler for foreveeeeer!<333 I can honestly say I have spent days and days watching and trying out your hair and make-up tutorials. I’ve even introduced my friends to your tutorials and we are such huggge fans! You girls arre so extremely talented and gorgeous, and I would die to have a cellairis case! I just bought the iPhone4 with my own money since my parents wouldn’t buy me a phone and it took forever to save for(my parents make me buy everything). I need a case to keep my phone, that took me sooo long to get, protected but I don’t want just any case. Actually, I’ve been begging them for a cellairis case but once again they told me I have to save for it! But who wouldn’t love to have a cellairis case? They’re fun, fashionable and have crystals, which totally represent me and my personality! I love having sparkly cases, infact I would always buy some cases from the mall that were terrible quality, where the crystals always fell out and it would waste my hard earned money! However, Blair said the crystals from cellairis don’t fall off and since theyre absolutely adorable and cute I just HAVE to have it!!! Plus even though I am a girly girl my favorite color is blue and that’s why the Twilight Glitz case would be PERFECCCT for me! (: I’ll tell everyone about you’re cases and it would be a huuuge honor to have the same phone case as Blair, Elle, Demi and Taylor<33333
  • i would absolutely LOVE to have this swimsuit!!! First of all i'm a huuuuuge tayswift fan and i honestly want to be just like her. She is such an inspiration to me and a fashion icon. I adore her outfits and wanna dress just like her! If i coould win this swimsuit id be the happiest girl in the world to own something just like Taylor. I'd wear this bathingsuit everywhereeeee! like you haveno ideaa. I would wear it on my first cruise trip that i'm going to the Bahamas this December!! The only thing that would make really make my year is if i was wearing that swimsuit to the Bahamas!! :)