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  • Also, I happened to catch Justin and Mila (who is just a sweetheart, by the way) filming scenes from the movie last summer in Central Park. I specifically remember them filming a "high-five" scene, so it will be fun to watch for that up on the big screen!
  • I have (regrettably) had a friend "with benefits." In theory, it should be a good idea. After all, we are young, healthy and full of... energy. If you are JUST friends, FWB is a way to have a little "fun" and then be all buddy-buddy after. The best part is you don't have to feel self-conscious about your body, you can be honest about what you want and in some instances, you can just order a pizza and beer and chill out afterwards. While I was pro-FWB once upon a time, I found two factors that will turn the too-good-to-be-true scenario into a socially awkward nightmare. 1) If one friend is in love with the other and the feelings are not reciprocated 2) If #1 is true AND your friend also happens to be your roommate Moral of the story: JUST Friends with Benefits = fun, but risky Non-recipricated love between Friends/Roomies with Benefits = a VERY bad idea Learn from my mistakes, fellow FWBers! Cheers!
  • Why didn't you ever announce the winner of this contest?
  • And might I add, he is also very humble and appreciative of his success in Hollywood thus far. From what I can tell, that is a virtue to appreciate and only makes him MORE of a dreamboat. I think it is wonderful he reaches out to his fans via social networking sites, signings and so forth. Clearly, Chord is a lot more than just a pretty face, a dreamy voice and a guitar... he seems to be a respectable man. And all of this is why he makes me swoon.
  • I have to pick only one?! Well... my Glee-love is definitely Chord Overstreet (aka Sam aka Trouty Mouth). I think he mouth is just adorable and agree with the song Santana wrote about it. He isn't as celebrated as some of the other guy cast members, but I think he has an amazing voice and pretty decent dance moves. But what truly makes me swoon is his guitar playing. What is even better is that he can actually play the guitar and loves making music. That, my friend, has been wooing women since the beginning. So yes, I think Chord Overstreet (aka Sam) is a total dreamboat and while I would probably pass out if I ever met him, I still hope it happens. A girl can dream...