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  • Wrong again. Like I already the first place winner at Femina Miss India was sent to Miss Universe and the second place winner back then went to Miss World (third place went to Miss Asia-Pacific back then, but now it's Miss Earth). In 2007 that changed because Miss World would not accept anybody but the winner, which is why starting that year FMI began sending it's first place winner to Miss World. Why do you think that happened if they're all "winners"? And for the record, there is no "Miss India." There are dozens of different Miss India contestants so the one we're talking about Femina Miss India. FYI since 2010, FMI gave up the right to Miss Universe and there's a separate pageant in India to pick a representative for MU called "I Am She: Miss Universe India." Get your facts straight or just go back to editing Jay Sean's Wikipedia page to make him seem like a successful international artist lol.
  • My facts are correct. Femina Miss India is one competition and Priyanka came in second place. She went onto win Miss World because the second place winner is sent to the competition. Nice try though.
  • Wow, Anjula Acharia-Bath really is trying to make Priyanka happen, huh? Good luck lol And FACT CHECK: a) Priyanka did NOT win Miss India. She came in second place after Lara Dutta. b) Are we really supposed to believe Joseph actually listened to the song and liked it? Sounds like an email written by his PR lmao