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  • @Lulu @Lulu Jcf! You're an insane Kstew fan. Rob owes her NOTHING after what she has done. Nothing! How would YOU feel if she slept with YOUR significant other?! My God wtf is wrong with these Kstew supporters? How can someone blame Rob is this situation.. well I shouldn't be surprised though they even trashed Liberty Ross for Kstew's selfishly cruel actions. That is how crazy they are. Instead of being grateful that Rob saved Kstew's ass during Twi promo they are out full force spreading shit about him. They truly are acting like scorned women. It's like Rob dumped them. It's embarrassing... Karma? Really? Be careful what you wish for! Karma might visit you for all the lies and vitrol you spreading about Rob when he did nothing wrong.
  • Hi Krisbian! pleaase tell me more so is she finally in love with Garrett like in your dreams.? lol I can conclude that youve completely lost your mind in your paranoid delusions.
  • unfortunelty stupid people in Robsten fandom give way too much attention to this trash magazine.
  • You're both idiots! You are no better than laura with your Rob and BA insults. Leave Rob/Kristen alone and go clean your mouth from all the bitterness.
  • dear no. 3 carmen, I'm sure you are not even Rob fan. You're just pretend to be his fan because you want to give his fans a bad name. 'oh look Rob fans how stupid' blah blah blah. Stop it, you are not fooled anyone.
  • [quote=Placido]Emma and Kstew are cool girls. I don't think either of them wants Robert Pattinson. He stalked Kristen for a year until the studio paid her to pretend to be his girlfriend and Emma was never interested in the first place. The guy is a loser and will be without a job after Twilight ends. Emma and Kstew should date hot guys.[/quote] have you taken your medication lately? You should have your doctor increase the dosage. You sound like a very depressive, psychotic idiot. Please contact your doctor immediately. with fans like you kstew doesnt need enemies js...
  • Beard or no beard, Mr. Pattinson is hot. He can do whatever he wants.
  • Dont get me wrong i like Kristen too but I think that people should just leave them alone.
  • I personally dont see what the big fuss is all about... If their dating, fine.. if not, fine.. It's not our life, it's theirs. I'm a Rob fan and i don't care about his love life. I will support his career and whatever he does in his in life.
  • Can't wait for the movie! And I must say Robert is looking gorgeous!