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  • What's with the pelvic indentations of Gwyn's pet troll?
  • I am pretty sure that book is Travels Along the Yellow River by I. P. Phreely. Please send me my $100!
  • That is what you call editorial dyslexia. Nice catch Mattgnyc!
  • [quote=guiberger]THIS IS TOTALLY UNTRUE. SHE HAS NEVER BEEN TO LOS ANGELES! trust me, i'm her brother you probably saw Erin Wasson and though it was her, they look very alike.[/quote] Everybody's been to Los Angeles. I should know. I'm her gynecologist.
  • What are all those little seagulls flapping around on his shirttail meant to symbolize? Or are those just splash stains?
  • I know what some of you are thinking: That this isn't the first time Tom Cruise picked up a man. He does seem to be pretty adept at giving a guy a lift.
  • Hey, wait. Did Lauren actually mention Spencer by name? All she did was ask: "What kind of person would enjoy watching blogs and the press tear me apart?" That could be almost anybody.
  • [quote=dancodesigns]Didn't she get lipo one time on Keeping up with the Kardashians?[/quote] Lipo doesn't count as plastic surgery. If sucking fat was regarded as plastic surgery, then you'd have to say that all of Seth Rogan's girlfriends had plastic surgery.
  • Sienna Miller's charm is greater every day. And that Rosetta Millington should be thanking the skinny little tart. If not for Sienna, Rosetta might be carrying Balthazar's baby number five. By the way, Sienna Miller looks exactly like a woman I once broke up with because my wife is not as free thinking as she might be.
  • Someone should ask Sarah Palin if her Tina Fey costume consisted of whatever she was wearing that day, and then a big scar down the side of her face.