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  • Kristen stewart , i absolutely love the twilight saga ! but i honestly dont like her . She has no facial emotions. no body launguage to tell the story . at first, i thought thats how she doing it for the movie till i saw her & that her attitude in reality . its gross . she beautiful but doesnt know how to be an actress . im sorry
  • defently agree that miley has completely down graded her self . from hair to music . dont get me wrong she is beautiful girl & all but the changes she had made do not fit her style .i think she can do so much better for her self. shape up miley , you got this !
  • what a beautiful girl . i hope she does all things good for her self & her family . i also really hope kims not putting on extra pound other then her baby weight to gain money .. that child does that need it & neither does her family . lets not ruin this show . i keep up with every season. <3