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  • Great!!!! Love this girl. She's the best.
  • Great!!!! Love this girl. She's the best.
  • Zac used to be a really nice guy. But I think he has got so caught up in becoming the next big thing in HW that he has lost himself. I wonder if his family still attempts to keep him grounded?
  • Don't you guys keep up on the news? He's not single. He and Vanessa were together all weekend till she went back to NC today.
  • They never broke up. Somebody tried to start a rumor and this time it worked. In the 5 yrs they been together there have been about 200 break up rumors. But usually those are started by InTouch, Star, the Enquirer. This time E news started it and then everybody repeated. Same old same old. They never broke up.
  • Drama, drama, drama . . .
  • She needs to choose her words more carefully. Maybe she was nervous during the interview. Anyway . . . 1. To say "kissing him was disgusting" means that he revolted her, disgusted her or nauseated her. A more tactful choice of word would have been she felt "uncomfortable" or "awkward." 2. She says people are giving her "slack" for saying disgusting. That means they are easing up on her, ignoring her comment. 3. What she meant was people are giving her "flack". That means they are giving her a hard time and telling her she shouldn't have said the word disgusting. 4. And she says she's a "hypochondriac" in regards to going to bars and drinking. A hypochondriac is someone who is obsessed with some nonexistent illness they think they have and talk about all the time. Maybe she meant she's paranoid or scared about doing the club scene and drinking.
  • I can't believe how beautiful AND sexy this young woman is. She is absolutely stunning. Glad to see she is moving beyond the Disney/HSM image of her. I'm looking forward to seeing "Bandslam" in August, "Beastly" in 2010 and even more so to "Sucker Punch" when it comes out. Hope it's in 2010. More power to her. You go, girl!!!!!
  • This is funny: