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  • True, my sister does it now too
  • False, its Christmas!
  • False, ~it was Vera Wang!
  • [img][/img] [img] 2-340_255.jpg[/img] My one sister and I saved up for a trip to NYC. I google-mapped our way from Manhattan down to DASH! You should all go visit it! The ladies that work there are super nice and friendly!
  • I learned about this giveaway because I check Khloe's facebook page every morning and before bed. Although I love all three, Khloe would be my favourite because we act so very much alike! My oldest sister acts like Kourtney and my second oldest sister acts and speaks pretty well EXACTLY like Kim (it's actually a little scary!). We watch the episodes together when I am home from school and we never stop laughing - 1) because the show and the sisters are hilarious and 2) because we each act so much like one of the beautiful girls. When I am away at school, we constantly text each other throughout every show. I don't think this was the main goal of the show, but the most important thing I have learned from watching Keeping up with the Kardashians is how important it is to stay close with your family regardless of the different paths that each may take. Being that all three of us girls in my family are students, it makes it difficult for us to spend money on anything that is not absolutely necessary. Winning this giveaway would be wonderful and we would be so grateful for this reason to spend more time together!