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  • Farrah looks gret looks like she has been working out her stomach looks really toned..
  • I agree with you she is so beautiful and she has such a great body.. She looked good when Jersey Shore first started but she looks even better now.. Roger is a lucky man you are so right and he better hold on to her you wont ever find a woman like that again.. I love the show i have not missed a episode of Jersey Shore since is started and i watch re runs all the time i never get tired off it no matter how many times i have seen a episode.. I love thats he dresses up when they go out she picks out the best outfits on the show her and Snooki i love her to but i have to say JWow is my favorite.. And i also love how her face always looks so flawless and it dont look like she has 10 pounds of make up on like some of the other girls do.. Keep up the good work Jwow your doing good with your self..
  • Love this pic of you Kim your looking really thin .. She's at a photo shoot people, she dont look like a hooker.. When have you ever seen Kim put in the public eye in something like this just walking around come on now.. She looks really pretty and has made something of her self and know one should put her down cause i would say she is doing more things with her life then most are .. Dont let comments like this get you down Kim they are just haters and jealious..
  • I think she looks good and she is a wonderful mom.. I also think she is well deserving to splurge a little and buy her self some new boobs since she is putting her life on tv and showing the world how hard it is to be a teen mom and taking care of her self and her son .. And she is doing a wonderful job.. They are not many people would put their life out there like that let alone doing it when you are 16 and pregnant.. If i was in her position and making the money she was i would get a boob job too.. Hang in their Maci you are doing a great job and you are well deserving to anything and eveything that you and the baby has or gets.. Dont pay attention to negative feed back you look great and it looks like having a baby didnt hurt you at all.. Cant wait for the next season i love the show and i never miss a episode..