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  • Stop hating people! She has a small frame and on petite women every pound of weight loss or gain shows. So if she lost 10 more lbs. she would appear anorexic, but she's perfectly healthy where she's at! And when you say she has nothing to look at, you're jealous! Take it from someone who used to be skinny and is now a little overweight at a size 12 instead of the size 7 I used to be, she is fine! She has a cute round butt, and what looks to be a size B chest, so she has just enough curve to fit her figure. She's cute, talented, and young, so back off! And yes I agree there are more important issues. However if you get on these entertainment sites just to bitch that to people, then you are wasting your time too! It's sad that people would rather vote for the next american idol, than real issues, but that's not gonna change, so stop hatin'!