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  • I have to agree, that photo is pretty tacky looking. Not that you can't be sexy, or have sex appeal, but I'm for the less is more approach, I think that's much sexier than standing naked with her hair covering your tits. I mean, how is that an album cover? Btw not to trying to fat shame Christina or anything like that as she's had that a lot in the press, but I'm almost positive that album cover was photoshopped to make her new 'curves' a little more appealing. Nothing wrong with that, but I wish she'd just tone everything down. The makeup and the barely-there outfits she wears. I watch her on The Voice and I wonder, "What the hell?" She's not fat by any means, but the outfits she wears are not flattering at all and they make her look cheap! Take a tip from Adele. She's much heavier than Christina, yet she has so much sex appeal(at least to me, and I'm straight) and I think that's because of the way she carries herself, she dresses nice, nice makeup and hair. You don't need to be over the top to look good. Christina looks the best when she's toned down.