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  • [quote=mera]did she cut her hair? or she was wearing a wig?[/quote] yea i mean wow i'd wear a wig too whie workin out.. lol
  • lol she took her top off
  • lol i think she looks better with her natural color :)
  • [quote=annabannana56]Her voice is sooooooo annoying...She think that she can rap. LOL[/quote] You NEVER have anything positive to say? Like they say: "If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all." Btw she looks good :)
  • [quote=jen]Do some research. Jake's gay.[/quote] Where did ya get your info from, Perez Hilton? Or because he played a gay role? Anyways, let's assume he is gay.. So what? It's not like any of us normal girls are gonna get him anyways ;) But yea he IS hot.
  • [quote=nony]really justin .... so u mean thomas is a bad guy ... or there's no is as good as u ... or u too good to be compared to other people ... he's getting more and more pompous btw i never minded justin but the way he acts with others like he is the best is just annoyin and i dont watch eastenders or know thomas law .. but what he said is not nice at all ..[/quote] I guess what Bieber meant by "there are worse people to be compared with" was that Law wasn't so bad (compared to others)..
  • So basically she wasn't herself before but now she is?
  • All this crazyness of Rihanna (clothes, hair etc.) started right after Chris beat her up..