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  • Damn, these effing papparzi's: GET A LIFE!! Are any of you RPattz? No.. Are any of you KStew? No.. so go suck a dick, you don't even know their REAL lives!! and all you are doing by swarming them with cameras all the time is pissing them off so you can say that they are "always depressped" because you just want your goddamn photos to sell so you can get mega-money and spend it on hookers cuz you have nothin better to do!!! Leave these innocent people alone and find something better to do with your lives, cuz what youre doing now is just wrong!! GOSH!
  • [quote=twilightkstewrpatzlover]no she not!!!...are you serious she's beatuiful!!..she just doesn't look to good here because she's been working non try it and we'll see how fresh you look!!!![/quote] seriousley!! she is beautiful!! she's not on the red carpet, and im sure she wasnt expecting to impress any one while pumping gas out in public. so no, she's not gonna look like a model, but she is still very gorgeous.. :) ♥
  • she is beautiful... ♥
  • is she dating anyone?
  • doode, i dont thnk she is crying and i know thats a peice of paper not a tissue, so people should shut up they dont know what theyre talking about, especially the papparazzi!! We all love you Kristen..♥ it's okay, smile:)
  • wow, this girl is amazzingly beautiful...:)
  • Mmmk, so the dye job looks better than I ever thought it would. But, I have to say, the Joan Jett look doesnt really flatter her. She looks so innocent in Twilight.. Now it looks like she escaped from jail and she's smokin some hard-core crack..hmm, celebs..
  • yeah, what raven 7 said! Shut up, who knows, mabey he's just saying something in a loud, but he is a celebrity, and you don't know what his life is like, so you can't judge like that! So stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT!
  • [quote=noah]That's not what my sources tell me. While I'm told Kristen is over Michael, I hear she's now batting for the other team... and trying to seduce Lindsay Lohan.That's why she chopped her hair off and dyed it black. She's trying to get the whole "Samantha Ronson" look going in hopes that it will catch Lindsay's eye.[/quote] NO WAY!!! Thats soo not cool! Doode, i hope thats not for real. THANKS FOR THE INFO! :)