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  • Happy Anniversary A and S! I agree that Alexis is fading fast , but she did not so much alienate herself as she was alienated by the mean girl, esp. Heather. speaking of which, I have no belief in her "marriage crisis" storyline, feel she and Terry contrived it all. Gretchen is just nasty, yet still wears her cute clothes during a pelvic exam, so not rooting for a baby for her and Slade. He already has kids whom he does not support. Lydia is just a backstabbing wannabe starlet, so bored with her. I know Vicki still loves Brooks, and I, too hope they find happiness. He is more interesting that Briana and Ryan any day of the week, like him or not. Tamara's goose is cooked with the fans. We don't like her (I won't say "hate"), and we want her gone ASAP!
  • i would agree on the content level that alexis should only appear with the ladies, but then they would be successful at their cruel plan to get her booted off the show by excluding her. They are so mean to her that I can't help but root for Alexis. The Rolls Royce gift has done no favors for G and S already tarnished reputation with the viewers no matter what the real story is. Lydia just needs to go, more people like her mother than her. The pignose, another Bravo set up just like Laurie and "friend" Tamara in the jewelry store, eck.
  • I think Terry brought up the d-word infront of cameras and other castmembers because he wants to be a housewife. He woud never really divorce Heather, she's got him wrapper around her diamond-encrusted finger, I never buy Tamera's pity parties with Eddie. She does it all the time and he falls for it. Vicki did go overoard with her emotional response to rooming alone. She needs to learn to ENJOY alone time, it's great!
  • Alex, you are right about those naughty cameras, like the close-up of Kenya blotting her face, Phaedra eating her whipped cream and Adrienne's ripped jacket. The producers are obviously being influenced by the cast's immature behavior. I agree with your premise that Lydia should make nice with the other cast members from the start, however, Heather is still new herself, and in this case, I think it may be fortunate for Lydia that she did not coddle the Dubrow's. The fans are tired of their alliance with G and T while ripping on Alexis for every little thing.
  • the answer to both of your questions is 'I don't know either". As you stated about Alexis and Jim, we are going to start ff thru their scenes, these "fluff" pieces are boring. I think Heather is very coniving with her shunning of Alexis. She knows the Bravo guidelines, and she took it upon herself to rewrite the rules and not invite Alexis, probably hoping that Bravo will fire Alexis because she becomes irrelevant to any storylines. Evil woman.
  • Alex, hello and thanks for another great recap. Now, here is my take, which is way off the beaten path--I do and have felt sorry for Adrienne for most of the season because of the way the fans talk to her and about her on the Bravo blogs. she is a human being, woman, mother and has done nothing as evil or harmful as people proclaim ad nauseom. I am not a fan of her, even in the first season when she was the favorite, I found her dull. As for Yolanda, it is one thing for her to confront someone who she believes is gossiping about her, but it is quite another for her to start this confrontation completely on her own accord, unnecessarily at a lovely event. She preaches that people should confront their offender directly so this was not her fight. She at the very most could have gone to Marissa and told her that she needed to confront Brandi about the inappropriate text in private, and if she was unwillingly to do that then Yolanda would go "tatttletell" on her, which is what she chose to do. Yet hardly anyone has called her "potstirrer", that monicer reserved exclusively for Kyle who is also regularly and unfailrly attacked on the blogs. The rules are Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda are perfect, no matter what they say on the show or interviews. Kyle, Adrienne and Kim all need to be kicked off the show for being most hated. As for Faye, I think some people's heads are going to explode. I have pointed out inconsistencies in what Brandi says from one person to another whether on the show or in interviews, and her fans cuss me out. I do not call names of use vulgar language about her or anyone else, but they sure do. Even Mary on "Reality Tea" writes with such a slant. it just has me feeling bad for Adrienne and Kyle and now it looks like Marissa has been kicked out of the cool club by the fans. If a beautiful, single woman who was just getting to know my husband socially sent a text like this to me and wrote what Brandi has in her blogs about my marriage I would be FURIOUS , and I would hope I would have a few friends who would sypathize with my predicament. that's what would happen in REAL HOUSEWIFE land!
  • the only one that for sure to go should be Adrienne because she is so despised by everyone, I feel for her sanilty. Kim should go too, voluntarily to focus on getting clean which woud be nearly impossible with all the free booze in fancy glasses being offered everywhere you turn around. Kyle needs to stay because we need a villian and the viewers have made her almost as despised as Adrienne. both of these ladies do not deserve their abuse by the fans IMO. It is disgusting.
  • Alex, Kim put up her Bravo blog toot-sweet this week "explaining" her loopy behavior. She is always either late or doesn't bother to blog, which leads me to a question. Are the housewives required to blog, is it in their contract as part of their salary or are these blogs voluntary? thanks
  • This episode, along with Sunday's RHOA, were so outrageous that I was just bored with them. These group scenarios always lead to fights and cussing that never, and i mean never occur in real life of anyone living outside a prison. If these women are sincere in their hatred/anger for each other then they would avoid being in the same room instead of getting together for parties, trips, etc. But we keep tuning in and who would want to watch an hour of Yawnlanda?!
  • Alex, I am so glad someone I admire is, very gently, calling Brandi on the carpet for going OTT, she IS nasty, always has been, but people make excuses for her behavior and language all the time! I'm beginning to think that the normal standards of decency have plummeted. I am not sticking up for Adrienne, but no on deserves to be spoken to and about like she has been by Brandi. LOL on your not missing Yolanda at all, me neither, square peg. And the Van der Pump Rules promo was shady. I have to disagree about how great Ken's surgery coverage was. I am so sick and tired of hospitals, doctor's appointments, OB/GYN issues of the housewives and their family members, blech! These shows are supposed to be a break from that kind of reality. Love ya.