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  • kendall is a busy person. she models, she does the show, she goes to school, and she has a personal life. she didnt say no to be rude! she is probably one of the sweetest and kindest teenagers you will ever meet. i personally think these youtube videos are getting out of hand with everyone asking celebrities to be there dates. especially because if they turn the people down they are criticized for it. just because they are celebrities does not mean they have to do everything a fan wants. especially teenagers! idk who started this crap on youtube but i personally think it really needs to stop. the kid was cute to ask her though. and it wasnt Kris that said she COULDNT go. she has a lot of stuff going on right now and she just doesnt have the time. and even if Kris did say no, whos business is it to tell her how to raise her child? the kid was kind and didnt say anything negative about her so why start a fire storm about it?