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  • cause she on the run from "Vietnam" she was "Pregnant" 9 months old. she give birth for his 1st son few days after survive arrive at U.S since she arrive to U.S till now 33 years she always work hard for make her family's survive. She is Single Parent. Not easy for a single Lady to survive with two little sons. Please dont turn her down. she deserve this. And please remember THIS IS NOT FOR MY MOM. this for the tough lady i know and have a Golden heart. If you touch by story please Like. kardashian please land me hand for make this Lady have the best mother Days she can have. i'm really" wanna say thank you for you who read and Like. Im sure there still have Humanity for each other no matter what race and what color our skin, Im from Indonesian But I really do care this Vietnamese lady
  • So, I will post something maybe nobody wanna read. This is Not about My mom! my mom me and my brother will work hard for make her happy. This is about one Lady that I know just about 1year more, She is Work Since she first got here at U.S. She from "Vietnam" Run from her country cause of war. she can't speaks any English when she get here, even now after 33 years been at U.S her English still broken English. The most proud things that we all need give her Big chance to feel special these whole 33 year's cause
  • OK, so i'm add my stories and pic 2 times and it not show up... im kind a sad.. cause in this mother's day im try to share one brave woman that i know. Im really think she deserve more than any mom in this world for what she done this last 33 years at US
  • [img] on 2012-05-11 at 17.01-1-340_255.jpg[/img] i'm Upload Pic but not show up at here. Just please try read my post bout what a mothers day really means. Im not asking for my mom cause i will do my best for her. but I'm just try to make one lady who "still" try survive at US. for 33 years she always Working never really feel what is being house don't need to think about JOB. Give her credit for this 33 years she work hard she does. Im really wish Kardashian Family will wanna give a small give for her big heart. Thanks
  • [img] on 2012-05-11 at 17.01-340_255.jpg[/img] Ok.. this is might sounds weird.. but I know one lady she really brave she come from vietnam while she pregnant 9month old... she leave Vietnam cause war... she survive arrive at US. one week after she arrive she give a birth her first son. after the she through the divorce raise his son by his own... hard to leave at US and have a problem with Language. But she proud with his two son even live still hard. She working on nail salon even she already 40+ almost 50. she don't doing good now cause economic at US now. Im always being the big fans all u guys especialy "Cloe" you just stand out diffrent and still the best. i really hope you guys will think about this lady. I love her even just know her for 1 year. Please make my wish comes true just for this once i ask. Will just cause she Vietnamese and get Ignore? love u guys. Thanks