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  • omg im cryingg :'( i cant beleve you are gone michael :( i dreamed of seeing or hugging you you where and are still my idol and hero (L) x
  • omg :'( im almost cryingg just thinkingg of him and listning to him :'( . did you know he was like the only singer alive that wanted best for everyone and not just himself he actually cared more about paris , michael and blanket and his fans and everyone in this world more than himself im greatfull for beingg alive to hear his music and see him on telly and in magazeens and papers now if i see it ill cry and know there will NEVER be anyone like michael (U) and i LOVED him soooooooooooo much its unbelevable moone knows how much because its alot (L) x MICHAEL IF YOU CAN HEAR ME I JUST WANT TO SAY I LOVE YOU (L) xxxx
  • om g i cried all the way through the funeral :'( it was so heartbreakingg (U) everytime i saw his coffen i would cry and then when paris talked i went balistic with tears :'((U) x
  • blanket is sooooooooooo cute (A) i know how he felt (U):'(
  • R.I.P He was and still is a LEGAND (I) :'( ilu mj x
  • i really do Hate debbie :@>:( x