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  • I know some of the comments have been rather harsh, and that one man does not a team make; but since the Mavericks organization have invested a great deal of money bringing Lamar to their organization Lamar needs to produce. After all, Lamar is considered a financial investment. And, what family issues has he been having other then filming his reality show. Going to "get in shape" with the Texas Legends is a demotion for a athlete of his stature. Focused on his reality show, his wife or plain lazy is looking like his main priority right now. I'm with the rest of the fans he either comes back skills blazing or he leaves after his first game back if it is not a success. And, he reimbruses the organization the money they are out of to date. Enough with the pampering of the non-producing athletes. Maybe he needs to be made an example to show the slackers where the buck stops.