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  • Audrina needs a new stylist stat! More media, another shapeless, flattened, high neckline, baggy, frumpy "1st Look NBC" appearance from Audrina Patridge. Not what we like to see on TV. Give us back shapely, sassy, fashion forward Audrina from The Hills, please!
  • Sorry Renee, Audrina was not smokin' in Miami! Audrina appeared covered up and shapeless! Audrina needs a good boosting bikini top to look anything like the queen of bikini beach she used to be. Instead of wearing one like the white Cabo bikini from last summer she covers up and runs from photographers. Sad, considering that it’s the anniversary of her famous Carl's Jr bikini ad.
  • Model and reality TV personality Audrina Patridge looked absolutely amazing in Cabo! Proof she can look sizzling hot whenever she wants to! Great hair, impressive curves and cleavage! Perfect! More of this Audrina, please.
  • Absolutely! Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge was the queen of bikini beach up until early 2011. Post reduction Audrina has still had a few impressive appearances like the blue and orange bikinis of last year with the right lift and support. There is a vote going on now for the bikini of choice for her appearance at the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic on Saturday you can find the vote on her fan facebook.