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  • Like Sheen has room to talk down on anyone.. She isnt the best role model but his kids are with his ex, so they both need to leave kids out of it. The rexts werent even that bad. They're both brain fried.
  • He is so ugly, lol! After the cuties she dated in the reality shows, Im surprised someone as gorgeous as her went for a goober. Shes way too hot for him, but as long as shes happy. Congratulations!
  • I wish she would commit, to a real man that doesnt make the relationship a roller coaster. Shes too beautiful to mess around with the drama.
  • Wow, she was born a day before me, but I'm a few years older, I was born July 23, 1990. I feel like Selena is beautiful, and I hope she doesn't take up smoking and let Hollywood drag her down. I hope she knows what she deserves, and that she could do better than Justin, and I hope his recent bad habits aren't involving her. Stay beautiful and healthy Selena, God Bless.
  • I love PACSun and these two! You guys are awesome! God bless, stay positive!
  • She looks great, I how she never smokes weed publicly or chops her hair or changes her image. She's such a bright girl and I love how big her heart is. God bless Kendall, I hope you always stay awesome.
  • I hope the smoking phase ends soon, I just one one female celebrity who doesn't do that stuff.
  • No matter what, she has always been an awesome girl, and she looks great naturally and rocker. I just don't want her to get caught up on drugs, and all that. I've smoked weed and done stuff but I'll be twenty three this year and there comes a time when you realise a clear mind is better if you really want to live positively. Negative energy is natural, I just pray she knows how beautiful she is and that no matter what Jesus is always looking out for us.