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  • wat??? cody wouldnt do that and now justin and miley are over
  • [quote=noah]I'm more upset that she's wearing a sweatshirt in this picture.[/quote] so wat if she is wearing a swearshrt
  • wow u people are just so stupid leave miley alone she is just one person and you cant change the way someone is...miley shouldnt apologize for the time when people made her apologize 4 the vanity fair photos...wasnt her fault dtupid photographer did
  • i wish i had pajama bottoms like that...everybody is gonna end up 4 getting there lines every now and then
  • people that do that r just losers that have no life and have nothing better to do...i hope that there is a way for this person(whoever did it) is found...WHAT A POSER....also they must be jealous of her people need to stop doing this stuff especially if there may be a little kid that likes miley and sees that photo..they're gonna b like OMG WOW I am a MAJOR miley cyrus fan and I know that miley would NEVER say anything like that or even take "pornagraphic' photos. Miley luvs little kids....she doesn't do anything like sending her c*nt to nick...she is also a great role model and also celebrities shouldn't really have myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. kind of accounts