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  • My GLEE CRUSH is Blaine Anderson Warbler. He makes me feel like I'm living in a TEENAGE DREAM every time he sings. And the way he loves Kurt so so much & gives him COURAGE makes me wish he was MY boyfriend ;) ! ♥ PS. Who doesn't like a guy in a uniform?? ;D
  • I would take my friend Kate :) !! We're the biggest GLEEKS!! We watch Glee religiously every week & after every episode- we rewatch it again & talk about our favorite parts!! We'd absolutely love to get a chance to watch Glee Live !! If we win- we will totally have FUN FUN FUN FUN on FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY ;) ! Im excited to see BLAINE & the Warblers sing TEENAGE DREAM & I also want to see the cast perform FRIDAY :D !!! <3
  • To Darren: HEY SOUL SISTER- i mean Brother or HEY TEENAGE GLASS! I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you! Actually I swam across an empty land, you know, SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW! You make me feel like Im living a TEENAGE DREAM & you got me singing SILLY LOVE SONGS. I am in MISERY & there aint no other who can comfort me BUT YOU! I was wondering if you wanted to go VOTE together or we can DUET! I have some CUPCAKES that we can throw at the wall :) ! Then maybe we can go to an aquarium & check out DOLPHINS, your spirit animal. We can end the night w/ dinner surrounded by CANDLES (since BABY, ITS probably going to be COLD OUTSIDE) We can then dance to POLKA music & RAISE OUR GLASS to the TOTALLY AWESOME person that you are. Oh, you dont have to TEACH MY BOYFRIEND HOW TO DANCE because I don't have one ;) ! DONT YOU WANT ME? Ps. I can take you back to Hogwarts! I mean- Dalton Academy.Btw YES, I do think YOU’RE SEXY. PPS. You wont need to worry about BILLS BILLS BILLS.