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  • I luv da way u smile ashiee love u
  • hi jimmy oh Im sorry i mean Matt prokop :D I like jimmy and sharpay singing just wanna be with you.. haha so funny :D
  • I really Loved selena ! But I wonder why people hate her she is beautiful,kind and helpful !! I believed that selena trying to stopp to be misperfect.. !! I love you selena .!
  • you're so beautiful nessa !! Luv yah !!
  • I really loved Selena Gomez! But I wonder why people hate her .. ! did she have made ​​mistakes in you? dahh! she is beautiful, she sing great, she is great, rich, generous, helpful and an actress .. ! All the desires of other people are all upon her ..! People dream of that. ! and I wish Selly have no haters!