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  • good night justin bieber sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bight if they do i will blow them with dinemitexxxxxx hope you message me back
  • justin i dont know why selina dumped you if u cheated on me 100 times i wouldnt care i got same colour eyes as you i got a beauty spot and a mark on my face same as you i am tha same hight i really want to meet you ...when are you going to have a tour ing edmonton gree center
  • your lieing selina dont speak like that
  • hi justin dear justin bieber, i am you fan aswell i love you xxx all this girls get emotinal or cry over you I DONT GET THE POINT you are a really nice person it feel as if i know you when i look ento your pic,i have dreams about you , my fav coiour is purple and blue my lucky number is 3 i want to be a lawyer and my dream is to meet you some day xx ps.good luck in the future [img][/img]
  • int think your slina gomez coz she dont speak like dat and they brock up way before five days