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  • [quote=kardashiansxoxoxoxo]This isn't a good picture of her at all....[/quote] Right,that totally looks like fat Kim Kardashian.
  • Jesus! I would never in a million years recognize her!
  • [quote=Nicole]I am very disapponted she is not nominated. She was totaly awesome and she had to go through such a hard training and everything... She deserved at least nomination. Does anyone think the same? :)[/quote] Me too. She took a totally different role than she usually does and she did a pretty good job. And I also heard that she and Natalie for the last 10 months practiced 8 hours a day,everyday! I mean if that isn't good enough for at least an Oscar nomination,I really don't have a clue what is.
  • [quote=lol]they are idiots cause they didnt nominate Ryan. Hope this ceremony will have a smallest ratings EVER!!!! academy pigs[/quote] You and me both. What bothers me the most is that they nominated Michelle Williams for Best Actress in ''Blue Valentine'' and they haven't nominated him! They both did terrific job.
  • Definitely! But hey,at least they nominated Mark Ruffalo.
  • He totally got robbed. I think he was amazing in ''The Social Network'',and I think he did a better job than Jesse did,and he got nominated for ''Best Actor''.But whatever. I hated Academy Awards since 2004.
  • Every year the same sh*t. Why are they gonna give him his deserved Oscar? Those f*ckers.
  • Leo wasn't nominated for best actor. I'm so pissed.