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  • And P.S. There is no room for prejudice of any kind on TV or anywhere else (so to those comments that either thinly or not so thinly veiled their bias your remarks should be ignored and you should change the channel because I'm sure you are not the demographic they are going for). Also, those that see sex, whenever affection or even "touching" is shown, should decide if they are the ones with a you need counseling or are you so super-religious that neither is permitted at any time...if that is the case, change the channel, again, perhaps you don't fall within the demographic, but I can tell the the aim is never to offend, just to entertain, with the eye toward reaching the widest possible audience (those I've described are or should be the fringe)
  • 1. My husband I completely disagree. Kelly and Michael have a terrific repore (and some of you should get your mind out of the gutter or other even worse places). 2. Kelly has a natural inclination to make jokes and overcompliment her co-hosts (male and female) on looks, abilities, talents, etc. Some of it may come off as "sexual"... she is happily married and is a very family oriented person! 3. Michael, is also appealing to more than just your average jock/sports consumer. Women like him too. He is good looking, intelligent, and a great conversationalist. This is not a home decorating show, or a sewing show, etc. The humor and the great synergy between Michael and Kelly is just right for this show. 4. I wonder why we are so protective of certain classes of people (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.), but because he was a former NFL player, everyone feels it's just fine to discount if he isn't an intelligent man, good looking, with broadcast experience, etc. 5. Don't you think that the Kelly &... Show has MUCH better research tools to determine viewership during his many appearances, and in addition, don't you thing THEY know what their own demographics are and who best fills that need as well as many others???? I sincerely wonder why the few out there think they know so much because they have such narrow views or simply prefer someone else (they start citing big words like demographics....that they don't have a clue about) They are one member of an "AUDIENCE".... stop acting like a jilted gf/bf. 6. And for the last poster, it's not Kelly who needs to get over herself, everyone else who seems to meet or work with her needs to get over her...they are the ones who seem to continuously sing her praises for being so much fun to work with, so positive, so self depreciating. ****2 VOTES FOR MICHAEL & KELLY*****