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  • There is something Very WRONG in this whole picture from day 1. Patricia even hinted on the Oprah interview, she does not know how the hell she got into the bathtub. Reason being she always took a shower that were timed with someone present. Fans from around WORLDWIDE, DO NOT want this investigation closed. PLEASE.....many of us are sure that there was another person/persons from her family/friends with her. Think about it? If you knew Whitney was in trouble even days prior to her death & she was acting strange, would you leave her alone??? On an important, stressful night with the Grammy. Don't think so. Too many twists & turns along the way. Someone/They are Guilty of foul play as was said by many Fans worldwide or even Murder. Read the posts everywhere on the net......Fans even mention who they think is involved on her family side. Everyone was in same hotel for 6wks approx. Her daughter on same floor, Nick was there as well.....So I think it's time to Investigate further. Question everyone of the family. Including Patricia, Clive, Gary, Daughter, Nick etc......We don't care about her demons, cocaine, drugs. First of all she was coming back with movie, singing etc...She would have not, not, not Overdosed to leave her daughter for one, accidental drowning is B.S.