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  • Hes trying to be coolio
  • Leave the poor girl alone she is STUNNING!
  • [quote=scooter17]*spontaneously combusted" I want him in my shower, NOW! He is sublime, exquisite, downright do-able.[/quote] OMG! Im rite there with you! *steals rob from scooter*
  • AGREED!!
  • This is my LEAST fav!
  • Whats up with that pose tho??
  • [quote=scooter17]GAAAHH! The clavicle! It gets me every time! Ya know how they make "Scooby Snacks"?? I think they should market "Rob Snacks".[/quote] Mmmmmm Yummy........ "Rob Snacks" *licks lips*
  • Omg! Ewwey! He looks GAYISH in this pic tho.... (nothing wrong with gay guys tho!)
  • [quote=Tonia]He looks like a drunken bum on the street,,what a shame that we are trading real talent for this ,,,so sad[/quote] I Guess i agree w/ you..... But if you cut off his head he looks like a CHICK! rofl
  • He Is so hawt! He should stay wet!