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  • I have a stamped signed Oil Vincent v. Gogh,authenticated from Amsterdam museum Vincent Van. I can send you Pictures. it would make a great addition To your Home,It wont upload here, i dont know why not. Its absolutely beautiful like the Starry, Starry night Painting. i want to sell it and am willing to put it to any test, Tony and Nilda, Thanks
  • Shes as beautiful as an angel, and as delicate!
  • """"Thank you for being a friend.Something we need to know.Obamy has put forced chipping[666] in his health plan. its tied to medicaid and medicare, if you dont want obamacare you forfeit medicare, and medicaid assistance, the plan can not be accepted, as the chip is the mark of the negative control over your freedom and your forced subjugation to it.That he is your Lord and Master. Ha! When he isn't even close to inteligence and love for" change" "We can believe in", for example he dictates Calif's End to growing crops, to save the Darter fish, when a simple net in front of the waterway to keep the little fish from being killed, would have worked. February 9, 2012. Words from God. "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I remind you solemnly, Truth is the reflection of God's Light. Therefore, any laws conceived under the cover of darkness are not of God. These days love of power has overshadowed conviction of hearts in the Truth. When this motive overtakes hearts, any evil is conceivable and possible. Those who live in the Truth have the moral responsibility not to remain silent, but to speak up. This is the only way to remove Satan's fingerprints from national and world affairs. You must make those who live in darkness accountable.", Obam put these laws hidden in the healthcare plan. The serpent was the most beautiful Angel, but very cunning, jealous and flawed, please help wake people up to this, Revelations in the bible was to warn us. but most people are not watching . Jesus said if you knew at what hour the thief was to break into your house you would be ready. I pray we can stop the thief, so be ready for a change he can believe in, In Jesus Holy name, get ready. Thanks for reading, and God Bless You"