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  • I must admit though, that she certainly does look like a draft horse in some (most) of these pics...
  • This is something I'd not ever want to get into!
  • Is this THE COCO, of Ice Tee wifedom? If so, then Ice must be some kind of pimp, maybe? I say this because, all of the images presented here, all, look like "come fuck me" ads, and nothing more to me...that's not to say that I wouldn't fuck her if I could...wouldn't you?
  • HIP HOP, THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING... Anthony Mondon · Top Commenter · Process Piping Designer, Ret. at Contract Process Engineer. Vonda Garland How can we return the "favor" when most US are doing "their" dirty work. _________________________________________________________________________ I am glad that you asked that question, in exactly the way that you did; in your question you provide half of the answer, "most US are doing "their" dirty work." That is an absolute and immutable truth; the other half? Who sits atop the Hip Hop world? Why, those who finance it of course, and do they not finance ONLY the most vulgar, degrading, violent, and misogynistic material presented to them, for production and promotion? Of course they do; two final questions: Why do you think that the pushers of Hip Hop roll the way that they do? And, are you at all familiar with the business of Physiological Warfare? African American culture has over the ages produced cultural trends followed the world over, but this is the very first (Hip Hop) to extoll/celebrate racial self-hate (Nigga/Niggaz), misogyny, disrespect, and extreme senseless violence-randomly directed at whomever has the misfortune of being nearby. After all is said and done, black on black violence, crime, and murder are all a direct result of deliberate inculcation of black youth with all that is self destructive and vile. Our Hip Hop oriented young, whether they know/realize it or not, have been mentally castrated/lobotomized and are now operating on a set of per-programed (subliminal) instructions; and those instructions are no less than 'go forth and kill yourself and everyone else around you!' So, in a very real sense, you see, this catastrophe of black on black violence, misogyny, and rejection of all that is sane and good, is indeed the handiwork of malevolent racist forces, and they have been successful, beyond even their wildest dreams: We must put an end to Hip Hop culture, before it puts an end to us all!