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  • No…this can’t be the last week. I’m sad to see the show end as well as your recaps. I want The Swon Brothers to take it tonight. I’ve connected with everything they’ve done this season. But I won’t mind if either of the other two win because they are both great. Will you be recapping Season 5? Also, I CAN’T wait for your single & album. I’ll be the first in line (biggest fan!)
  • Love love love Katrina Parker soooo much!!! Best voice of The Voice from all seasons - can't wait to buy the upcoming album that everyone keeps talking about.
  • I can't believe Karina is out. What was Shakira thinking? She was one of her strongest singers... very happy though that Judith made it (she's still my favorite to win). Team Adam has it this season!
  • Team Adam has it this season. Judith Hill FYI!