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  • I'm going to watch the movie for the fun of it. you can go and obsess some more over the cast and forget that you have a real life! p.s: don't forget the fangs ;)
  • [quote=Sin]Need I say more? Kristen stewart looking amazing and not to mention sexy as SIN. If Robert is not dating her, then he MUST be blind.[/quote] if robert IS dating her then he must be blind!
  • [quote=missmim]I don't understand how she got the part of Rosalie...[/quote] totally agree! she is pretty! but definitely not the most beautiful person in the world! and the blond hair makes her look less attractive!
  • [quote=loubna] .. really i don't know what's your problem with kristen & her expressions...for me no one can act Bella like she does..i mean she's really really really talented; that's all....just stop saying that kind of stuff about her....I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART[/quote] Umm did you actually see other actresses as Bella?? and if you consider keeping your mouth open and talking like you are about to fall asleep acting then yes she is just AMAZING!
  • [quote=obsessed]i sed RUN[/quote] hahaha!
  • wow! do i see an actual expression on her face?!
  • the makeup is amazing!
  • she is SO pregnant!!! that is not a fat belly, that is a pregnant womans belly!