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  • [img][/img] My mother deserves this bedroom makeover because she works two jobs to support her family. She rarely haves any time to buy anything for herself. She is my best friend like any other girl would say of their mother. I just really would like to make her day by surprising her with something like this. She has done so much for me and has helped me achieve every dream I have ever had. She is truly amazing and deserves this.
  • My mother deserves this bedroom makeover because she works really hard, working two jobs, and trying to take care of my little brother. She rarely hardly ever buys anything for herself, and as you can see her bedspread is like 5 years old and she has hand-me down nightstands and dressers. I think having a bedroom makeover would not only put a smile on her face, but would show her that even though I don't say it. I do love her. She is my best friend, like any other girl's mother. She deserves this for all the hard work that she's put in to making my dreams and my life the easiest I've had and this would be my way of saying thank you mom and I love you so much. So please select my mother as one of the three that really deserves a bedroom makeover. Her room is really plain she really needs it. [img][/img]