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  • Type your comment here.I simply love the person he is, and because he taught me to "never say never". He and my "bigger" idol, my "baby", my "common denominator". For him, I keep his "down to earth". With him I have my "first dance". I have a "runaway love" for him. And I would ask for him to "love me", and I promise "never to let you go". I would also be a "one less lonely girl" in the world. So "pick me"! And I am able to say "one time" that I love him, and how often are more accurate. I only choose to stay "stuck in the moment" with you. I always wanted "somebody to love", and then picked him. "That should be me" making him smile. And surely say: "When you smile, I smile." "Where are you now" Justin? I "can't live without you". Lets go "Omaha mall", and buy me a jewel. I want to look a little "rich girl". Promise him that I will not "kiss and tell". Do not want to have "Eenie meenie" with him. Just wanted unless he chose me to be your "favorite girl". I am "overboard" for him. "Speaking in tongues" for him. I'm going "up" just to prove how much love. I just need to "pray" that you see me in this great world!