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  • OMG Will this talentless chick ever go away?? I wanna know if she ever watches herself sing. Someone should tell her if she didnt go WAY OVERBOARD with the facial/hand expressions and not scream she might even be a good singer. Stick to making shoes Jess!!!! She is a pretty girl with a great LV collection though, I will give her that LOL!!!
  • Oh and now I will NEVER buy another Ecko product since this sleeze is wearing the brand. With all the classy people out there, why did they pick HER??? ICK!!
  • Ohhhh my gawd she is so ugly. I cant stand this chick, and I cringe every time she opens her mouth. She needs to go back to school so she doesnt sound like an 8 year old when she opens her mouth. Cant ALL these stupid Girls Next Door just GO AWAY already???? Especially Holly....what a moron!!!!