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  • " ...insisting that the photo is an old pic of Selena kissing ex-boyfriend Ryan Sheckler." --hahahaha, yeah right, that is soo not true! Ryan never dated selena, nor have they even met! Its just funny to see Ryan Sheckler's name in this story, cause i have never heard stories of Ryan saying anything about Selena Gomez or heard stories of them dating. Also they are 3 years apart, i dont think Ryan would date that young.
  • [quote=ste] __________________________________ ________ You know little kids idolise alla those celebs and you cant image how influential these celebs are for them,if she was smart she would have kept her private life private.we dont need to see what she does in her private life. this video will be all over the news do u think that children wont see it?instead of making excuses just admit that what she did was unacceptable.[/quote] I am saying its unacceptable what miley is doing, but at the same time i am trying to tell everyone to get over it. Also i am always around little kids of that age cause i babysit and not once have i heard/seen them interested on going onto blog websites or watching TMZ, they are mostly interested in watching spongebob or playing outside. I understand that little kids look up to celebs but the parents should have control on telling their kids not to do what they do that are bad. Also Miley does want to keep her private life private, but thats kinda hard when she is the biggest celeb in the world and is being watched 24/7, duh! well whatever, Miley is doing something terrible that can affect kids, but because i am with kids who look up to her or any celebs, i dont think that little kids are gonna see what she is doing cause they dont ask, what is Miley cyrus doing right now, or where is selena; I understand they look up to celebs but that doesnt mean they care about them 24/7
  • Also please dont deny that some of you do these things, such as freak dance, sex, drink, party, etc. And girls, there are a lot of you who dress slutty and act like one. while i was in high school, i saw some girls act slutty and flirty and dressing skimpy. there were also many dumb pretty slutty girls too. In my opinion about 70% of girls in the world act and dress slutty. I had to say this cause it was just bugging about what others were saying. Again, This is reality, no one in this world is perfect and perfectly smart, so get used to it and get over it!
  • Really you guys, Why with the stereotyping and racist comments about Americans? This really needs to stop and Miley isn't the symbol of all Americans! Its always sad to read these comments saying, "americans are trashy" and etc. well what if us, Americans, said negative things about a country that you are from, i bet you wont like it. Also Miley is not the symbol of all americans, so all of you saying that oh she is american and she is trashy, needs to stop and grow up. Another thing the reason why some people back her up is because we are fans of her and just cause she doesnt care about what we think, its still feels good to back/help someone we care about. Hasnt any of you guys cared about someone that was doing the wrong thing? I feel like this world is focused too much on the celeb life and not focusing on what's really important like people dying or the environment of the world. Just please stop with stereotyping of americans, or we are gonna have to say some mean things about your country/state.
  • I think everyone needs to leave Miley alone! First off, she is growing up and is pretty much like an adult. i am surprised that others are surprised to see her act like a teenager. Lots of teens these days smoke, do drugs, and drink, so there is no surprise that she would be doing those. Second, She is probably doing all these bad things to get her parents to see that she needs them together to keep her grounded and that she doesn't want them to get a divorce. I am pretty sure when parents are trying to get a divorce, the kids will go to anything to try to get their parents together. Third, I think the reason she does all of it, is because the media and all of us people force her into this image that she is a perfect role model like Hannah Montana, (remember no one is perfect) which causes her to want to break free of the image. Miley is just trying to live the normal teenage life and its hard for her to do that when the whole world is watching her every move (expect the bathroom/shower part). Just look at Miley as a normal Teenage girl who works by acting. Remember she is just growing up.
  • When wil the winner be announced???
  • The 2010 Grammys was probably the best one i have ever seen! I loved watching the Red Carpet and seeing my favorite celebs in gorgeous dresses and being interviewed. Since this years Grammys was the best, i liked mostly everything that happened. My favorite Grammy moments were ( i couldn't just pick one, it was too good): 1. Lady Gaga's performance- i liked the duet with Elton John, and it was interesting 2. Beyonce's Performance- i loved the way she sang "If i were a boy" 3. Pink- Incredible, i loved the aerobatic skills she had, it was unique, and very creative! 4. Black Eyed Peas- entertaining, upbeat, unique and really good 5. Jaime Fox & T Pain- Funny, good energy, creative and i liked how Slash was involved, unique 6. Michael J. Tribute- amazing, great graphics in background, good group of vocals 7. Mary J. Blige & Andre B.- Good duet, i loved Mary J's voice, strong and amazing 8. Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem- This was my most favorite performance out of the whole night!! It was upbeat, amazing, and entertaining 9. I liked Taylor Swift's reaction at the end of the show when she won Album of the year Those are my favorite moments from the 2010 Grammys!