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  • her boobs make her look um.. weird! not like the pic of her toned tummy suggests.but im shure if i was a guy id like it but im not, so i dont .
  • ill never smoke weed with willie again..naw ..i would
  • damn..boy needs to learn how to stash his weed
  • Nice mike..really nice..
  • noticed the one front tooth more than anything..good laugh..
  • [quote=.....]I have beast just like her! and she looks lovely![/quote] beast?heehee
  • someone should have told her to adjust her dress..but jealous folks probably enjoy her looking not so good in this pic. i mean no ones boobs match perfectly,but in this photo hers appear grossly mismatched
  • [quote=f*cking HATE AMERICANS SOMETIMES]you know in all reality, EVERY girl has one slightly larger then the other...just like arms and legs.. you use one hand more then the other.. and in doing so. you use muscles. which grow bigger when you use them..which therefore causes ALL woman to have one breast slightly larger/smaller then the other. ITS NORMAL HUMAN BEING STUFF>> so dont get your panties in a twist. I guess thats just how the general population perceives things these days. IF YOUR NOT PERFECT> YOURE DISGUSTING> its f*cking sad that people cant even have a wardrobe malfunction withough being totally shot down and made fun of. and that goes for any of these pictures where all i see is negative comments. Instead of bashing people online while you sit there on your asses, talking about what celebrities wore, and what they didnt. talking about how unfortunately their breast almost popping out of their shirt. We need to look at other more important things in our life. and our world or countries. Im from canada EH? and i still care about the states and how 1000s of animals are dying everyday for something people are calling "fireworks", I care about the fact that your government is completely corrupt and how you guys are told lies after lies about stuff that doesnt even matter. BUT YOU!! YOU CARE ABOUT IF SOME CELEBRITY, WHO DOESNT EVEN EXIST ANYMORE IN THE WORLD OF FAME, AND YOU CARE TO TALK ABOUT HER BOOB POPPING OUT OF HER DRESS. AND INSTEAD OF THAT BEING THE CASE. YOU AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME THAT SHE HAS SOMETHING RIGHT WRONG WITH HER. how bout you americans pull your heads out of your asses and look at the more important sh*t today.[/quote] How about you take your Canadian *ss comments out of MY Countrys website if you dont like it.GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY you dont deserve a voice in MINE
  • all i think of is her screamin about poop in the toilet on punked..not her best moment way to go ashton
  • her boobs are basically sitting on a ledge.dont these women have any friends that can tell them they look f*cked up ??